Random loss of two finger scrolling...

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The S netbook is NOT an Apple product and was never intended to run Mac OSX. Fortunately, enthusiasts have found ways to make OSX run on our netbook. However, the process may not be smooth for some. Make sure you have patience and time to get it to run. Most importantly, motivation to read and learn. This forum contains enough information to get OSX running. Most problems you may encounter can be solved just by reading through the forums or searching. So please take the time and read through the forums!

Random loss of two finger scrolling...

Postby loudog3114 » Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:28 am

I am running a triple boot setup on one disk and a single boot osx 10.6.7 installation on another. On the triple boot setup I never got two-finger working. On the 10.6.7 single installation it worked perfectly using the 1.1.18 enabler. So, I decided to copy the 10.6.7 partition to my triple boot setup. Before doing so, I had to shrink the partition, which I did... and afterwords lost my two-finger scrolling ability. WHY? I was able to image the partition and write it to my triple boot setup anyway, but I have now lost two-finger scrolling (everything else works perfectly). Why does this happen and how can I get it back?
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